The Avro Tutor was still in front line service in the Royal Air Force, up to May 1937. Almost eight hundred Avro Tutors were built but only a handful remain.

The Shuttleworth Collections airworthy Avro Tutor is illustrated here. As with all of Shuttleworths' airplanes, it is maintained in immaculate flying condition by a very skilled and dedicated band of engineers and volunteers.

The Shuttleworth Trust is well worth supporting for its efforts in preserving the Tutor and so many other important, historic aircraft.

Originally designated the Avro 621 Trainer, the Royal Air Force renamed it the Avro Tutor. It served well, as a replacement for the Avro 504.

The Navy version of the Avro Tutor, known as the Avro Sea Tutor (an original and inspiring adaptation of the original name!), was fitted with twin floats.

It is not known how many were built but there were at least forty were built in Poland. The Polish version of the Avro Tutor was known as the PWS 18.

Production Avro Tutors, such as the one illustrated here had the Mongoose or Lynx engine cowled in what is known as a Townsend Ring

avro tutor aeroplane
Avro aircraft Tutor
Avro Tutor aeroplane pictures
avro tutor aeroplane
avro tutor aircraft

Avro Tutor at Shuttleworth Collection Old Warden

avro tutor shuttleworth collection

Avro Tutor


avro tutor old warden

avro tutor shuttleworth old warden

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